Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Good is objective; that morality is an independent truth and that Religion is a vehicle through which morality has historically been institutionalized. By seeking to preserve and perpetuate their monopoly (on morality), religious institutions without strategic leadership devolve into simple aggressors who seek to strengthen their hold by discrediting competing belief systems in their characteristically absolutist fashion.

Similarly in politics, the State seeks to preserve its monopoly on the legitimate use of of force.

Of the fastest-growing religion we have this to say: it borrows heavily from the original franchise and through recurring emphases on finality ensures that any progressive reformers of today are not called prophets, thereby sealing off the Abrahamic repository.

We say that man’s glory knows no bounds. He climbs mountains, and he cuts off limbs to survive. Man goes to hunt, and he is the most fearsome predator. We believe that man need not share his glory, for it is the manifestation of his free, animalistic spirit. We celebrate individualism and circumstance, and the insomnias that accompany our disbelief as we try to break free of your chains. We feed our souls with music and love, and think that too often is such beauty attributed to the unseen.

We do not question your unconditional devotion to your Maula, and we cringe when you disregard our sensibilities. Please accept that we exist, and as this period of divine dormancy stretches further our ranks will swell.

Yours Sincerely,

The left.


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