Friday, April 24, 2009


I thought of frost, and of roads.

of the straight and the narrow,
and of my winding path, with twists and surprise.

might all come together or come unraveled.

I'll take it, for the road less traveled.


There you go, beardtechman.

- Salesforce'll make a fully-customized CRM to cater to your needs. 
- Specialization and outsourcing, man. You can't afford to do this yourself.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


the house becomes a home, and the boys are left to explore.
for all the new space, the lost gather in nooks and corners. 

I got lost today too, and celebrated with pixyish abandon- I dislike the frailty nurture brings, and how my resolve falters.
But the observation is significant, and just so poetic. 
The bedouin spoke with instinct rooted deep, and I made my connections. 

For those who wander, and those who stray; 
these corners forever provide solace