Saturday, December 18, 2010


nothing like an overdose of beef to get the creative jewses flowing. turns out that us kashmiris might just be the lost tribe; long-forsaken children of israel.

oh, and i was reminded of words read long ago, today, but i bit through the hunger-pangs and resisted.

at the base of a passion-less disposition lies an immense fear of disappointment (rejection?). and that very base remains strengthened, and lined in place, with one's ego. after all, if you love one thing, or anyone, and face an off-hand dismissal, what truly makes one crumble? is it not the bruised ego and wounded pride which speaks, then?

but i doubt the meat played a bigger role than the voluntary alienation.


but you (I) haven't. me theory is that i've exhausted the supply of distractions afforded to me. it's always two steps back to square one.

oh, and you: get married already so we can move on with our lives.

...please don't.

wassup chengez? it's been good hanging, my furry, feline friend.

the word, is brooding.

tired. x

Monday, December 13, 2010


the secret's out. too many people know already; they're looking in, and they're doing it too.

the internet is public.are you reading?

it's been a chilly period, and well, i want a pet. i feel like the human connection is grossly over-rated. like meat in a diet- it's just a small part of all that you need.

i grow sick of the mainstream, and the comparison. it's been fun swimming with the fish. fish-eat-fish world out there; throw your crab-crap off the boat, please.


speaking of; it's time to revisit Ghadir Khumm and other points of relevance in history.

the dim studio lights up, the camera starts rolling and after a brief introduction, the host quickly gets to the point.

Host: ...and what say you of all this?

well there is much i would say, and will. it's really quite simple. you've got the more eloquent of these modernist, progressive 'muslims' saying hey, man...we really need to sit down and think, and talk and UNDERSTAND. hey, man, it's a personal matter...HEY, i think it's all about interpretation man, pass the dooby.

while you've the leftist bunch going Ali, Ali, nobody's talking about a whole lotta other shit.

who's praying, anyway?

Host: excuse me, sir?

see you have to admire the spirit. and plus i've spoken to the boys down at the card factory and hope to be rounding these chimps in at 21 to get a decision that'll determine their rights. if this bill passes...'Not Applicable' will, Inshallah be an option, and we hope to eventu-

Host: WHAT did you just say?

... remove the option altogether. pretty soon they'll be talking about it. we'll just need a few opinion leaders to start off what should Inshallah become a chain reaction.

Host, taking off his glasses: dude, you just said Inshallah. Twice.

Yeah, I'm trying to kill off God. I need all the help I can get.