Monday, January 17, 2011


here's to your devilish concoction, saeen.

we understand.

to the nights you must have spent. the anger, and the refusal to acknowledge what stares at you through the haze. but strengthen the haze- the fog of ready ingredients- till your stomach turns sour and you can fight it no more. drift then into a calming oblivion, and wake up, hung about your cheap escapism.

to stare at the truth and inner beauty and pretend it doesn't exist. must be a lonely world. to look at paintings majestic, to hear music of soul and pretend that all you see is grey, and all you hear is a buzz.

that buzz, friend is the ego that lies bruised and takes the support of the devil. but it is his piss that you grab, and while it may numb the sensations you have yet to feel, these will persist. these will make sure that they are felt.

we deplore thy self-defecation, and we urge you to get up, and stare up at the heavens and cry and scream. run, till you tire yourself, and then run some more.

true sleep will come, and the morrow will bring with it tidings of a chaste beginning, a sober silver lining on these murky clouds.

cheap fuck. x


Anonymous said...

To the author,
I know not perfectly well how saeen sees it (for that matter I doubt saeen even knows exactly what he sees), but as I see it this truth and inner beauty that thy refer to, well all I can do is quote others by saying 'Truth is always relative' and 'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder' be it inner or not.

But as for this piss of the devil's that saeen grabs and holds onto, even saeen must know that there is nothing good in it for him and shall cause nothing but, as you said, self-defecation.
In this regards the bruised ego, the self-defecation has caused saeen to no longer see this so called 'heaven'. However, my question to the author is that even if saeen is to look for heaven, whose to say what heaven really is? and even if we all share the same concept of heaven as saeen, then if running is the option then where will saeen run? who will give saeen the direction to run in? As clearly saeen after all his self-defecation refuses to look through the haze for heaven and run for it.

wali sheikh said...

the second half, on beauty. on the path, and on direction.

inspired by Gibran: