Saturday, June 11, 2011

on killing

we are all impulsive, to some degree. let us dive into the grey muck and find treasure at the bottom. if not, let us bury this topic once and for all.

Part I

raised by predators in the jungle, there was one who knew little except what he knew about himself and the ways he had learnt from his kind. he adopted their techniques without excess thought.

as soon as he had hunted down a large animal on his own, he was allowed to pick a mate from the clan, provided that she was willing. he picked one with strong legs and an ample bosom.

they made many children in quick succession and their dwelling became very crowded. the hunter would leave at the break of dawn to hunt for his family, and would return after the sun had set.

many winters passed and the hunter was now weakening with age. he was doing his best to provide for his growing number of children, but he knew that he needed help.

his oldest son, saf, was fourteen years old. mostly unnoticed by his father, this young cub's loins had begun to stir at the sight of his mother and many sisters, even though many of them had not yet bled. he was a lively thing, and he created much din in the nesting place.

seeing that his oldest was of age and growing increasing restless with having to stay in the cave, the old took him along to teach him the ways of their hunting tribe.

on their first hunt, the hunter found that saf's senses were sharp, and that he moved swiftly through the thicket that surrounded their nest. the old man found them big game to hunt, and together they felled a monster. it took all their strength to drag it back.

the thrill of the hunt left saf even more excited than before, and the stirring in his nethers increased two-fold. he was now eyeing his mother greedily, while his father napped.

saf was confident that he could be a better hunter than his father, so he decided to leave the nest when all were asleep, eager to bring back more meat. he pictured bringing home the meat and placing it in front of the family. he pictured his mother and young females...

he took with him his father's spear and some meat to lure in the game.

a few steps into the thicket and suddenly he stood still. there was enough meat in the house to last till the next bright night, he realized. did his father know that what he sought to take from him?

so he crept back into the nest and killed his father.

the man had fight in him, despite his age. the others woke up from his cries and the gurgling sounds as the blood gushed from his throat.

the mother woke up too, and watched, unmoving and quiet.

saf had it all. he had the woman, and soon he would have more. he also had hunters in the making.

soon, he started worrying that one of these young hunters might do as he had done, so he killed them all.

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Kanwalful said...

This is some intense imagery. You should be more consistent and write more often. Even if its not on the blog.