Sunday, June 6, 2010


Voice of Reason 01 -

mehboob: ...remember when we talked about the straight path and virtuous life decisions?

me: there's no reason to believe that it would happen that way! that's what they all think- that's the deception, innit? i know you and your plans, this would only work if everybody did it. any negatives elements can and will exploit your system while you're selling your idea. furthermore, and in line with yin-yang philosophy and that newton feller, there's always them to opposing forces in either equilibrium or constant flux, take your pick

mehboob: but our cause is just and fair.

me: your cause is a cause, and that is all there is to it. you think you're the only ones selling virtue? claiming to be the life choice? pah!

...and yet this did he KNOW? those two notes on the bass. and that line...maana keh teray qaram behisaab...

mehboob: what's that now?

me: oh nothing, nothing. just a little ultra-perceptive to rythms and vibes.

mehboob: wali ULLAH!

me: tsk. and plus it's not like I can, anyway. i'm not supposed to!

mehboob: but that's a direct contradiction!

me: i know it is. there are forces, of course but those of human desire and ambition. our thoughts constantly and without bondaries. c'mon man, kleinenberg is a God in his own right. forces of human bodies swaying to those rythms. RYTHMS. there's a point for you if you want it.

mehboob: might as well. yes?

me: well yeah, again, man. humans. i want to worship. not a spinner but this storm, sure. storm, there you go. but i'm bored of this drift. throw something else my way.

mehboob: think miss current is worth it, then?

me: nobody's worth it, really. but in the moment, anything's worth it. i feel like i might be a moment-maximizer.

mehboob: freakonomics.

me: akhh man, don't remind me.

mehboob: haha. caughtchu.

me: tsk. from YOUR side of the fence, fool. i don't WANT to be there, or think I should.

mehboob: uhh, no, you know you should.

me: you're wicked. you know that, right? cruel. sadistic.

mehboob: hahaha. no sonny, you don't have it easy. :)

me: how do you know?

mehboob. scroll up. capital G?

me: @#$@#$@#

mehboob: exactly. nice pattern, mr. piano-man.

me: why thank you.

mehboob: so? your windows need taping. it could be worse tonight.

me: thanks.

mehboob: playing that're losi- what is it?

me: just realized that this could be schiz 101. goshdarnit.

mehboob: bwahahaha. you and your words, yaar. honestly.

me: go AWAY.

mehboob: whatevs.

what now, hero?

me: going to tape the windows.

mehboob: hahaha

me: fuck you.

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