Sunday, July 5, 2009


there is much to be said of the dimly-lit surroundings, and of the music. the warm, comforting hues and the sweet sound- foundagain favorites. for longing, for the fixyous and assorted mybaby blues.

I walked, and for a while the world was upside down. I walked on a carpet of night sky.
I picked up a seashell, made it special and threw it away.

to wander, but ultimately to drift. and then deeper, still.

feeling strong, friend?
falter, stumble
watch the fall.

I yearn for now, more than ever that drift to infinity.
and then some.

to the brats, to the pretenders. to the ambitious. to the happy, to the numb. the righteous, the weak. to the artiste and the muse. to the addicts. to the drug.

to feel the same
and then some.

life goes on
into the glow, friend.

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